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Significant Input of Gedem Construction Company Towards National Development Program

The various efforts being made by the different national construction companies have a decisive significance in the development program of the country and in securing economic growth and social justice. The potential and capability of the companies in putting in place of various infrastructural facilities is gaining momentum by the day. As a result the outcomes and experiences achieved by the companies so far will enable them in having a highly productive future in the development of infrastructural and construction strategies. Though the contribution and task of the national construction companies differs, the devotion and aim towards the development of the country is the same. Gedem Construction Company is one of those companies that are actively engaged in the construction aspect of the national development program.

Mr. Mebrahtu Mail
Gedem Construction Company was first established in 1995 and has since then been putting in place various infrastructural facilities, construction of road networks and manufacturing of building materials. According to Mr. Mebrahtu Mail, manager of the company, Gedem has accomplished major tasks that provide impetus to the national development drive, mainly focusing on constructing road networks and bridges.

As a result of the hard work and devotion of these national companies, many journeys that used to take days can now be completed in one day. To mention some of the asphalt and dirt roads constructed by Gedem Construction Company, the road from Barentu to Tessenai, Beylul to Gelelo, Gahtelay to Wadilabka, Gelaelo- Tio, Edi- Bera’sole, Tio –Edi, Bera’sole – Beylul, Massawa- Wekiro, Gelalo- Costral, Hiret -Gedem and Massawa – Foro. These roads were constructed in addition to the company’s involvement in expanding other roads and renovation of the Massawa International Airport.

“In addition to road construction, the company is also involved in producing foam and pre-cast in factories located in Massawa, and in supplying ground gravel to other companies which is making due contribution to the national development drive,”  added Mr. Mebrahtu in explaining some of the tasks of the company.

Starting from 2004 the company has constructed some big and moderate sized bridges in the Gash Barka region and built a number of dams and water reservoirs. Gedem has had vital achievements in the construction of roads and bridges.

In explaining the job done in the construction of some of the big bridges in the Gash Barka region, Mr. Mebrahtu said that all the work was done in accordance to the area’s climatic conditions. First the ground work is completed and then after five to six months the bridge above the ground is constructed.

The challenges encountered in constructing the Gash and Tokombia bridges have served as valuable experience. Looking in the history of the region, there have been attempts to construct a concrete bridge starting from the Italian colonial era without any success. The construction of the bridge by Gedem has solved the transportation problem the inhabitants had been facing for years.  And the success of the bridge is a proof of the experience and ability of the company.

Due to the landscape of the Gash Barka region that posses numerous rivers and streams, the company’s strategy for the coming years is to construct two to three bridges in the region. These planned small bridges will cover 50 meters of distance and with the introduction of new machineries as well as equipments and the experience of the members of the company, members of the company believe they can accomplish the work in due time.

Another activity the company is engaged in is the production of foam which can have high impact in solving the housing problem in the country and reducing the importation of building materials and cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Finally Mr, Mebrahtu said that upgrading human resources is also another aspect that the company is working on, believing that skilled human power is an essential factor in rebuilding the nation.

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