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Eritrea: A Capable Nation That Relies On Itself

Thanks to the dedicated development efforts being mounted by the people of Eritrea, this nation has become self-reliant standing firm un-like what its enemies dream and is banking upon a bright horizon. This is attested by the facts on the ground. The primary secret behind the driving force of the Eritrean people, for which a heavy sacrifice was paid for, is their desire to build a strong and united nation.  The domestic, international, political and economic policies of the Government of Eritrea are devoid of any sort of dependency, a factor that has contributed much to the current development the results that have been registered to date. The developmental endeavor in ensuring food security has been re-invigorating the production capacity of our agricultural sector that has been paralyzed by war and strife. So far, an infrastructural development has been underway that will enable Eritrea to further modernize its agricultural sector.

In all parts of the nation, numerous projects and schemes such as building roads, the provision of drinking water and electricity and the building of fast and effective communications systems has narrowed the gap between the urban and rural areas. In social provisions as well, Eritrea’s huge strides in the direction of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals has accorded it applaud and recognition from the concerned international organizations. In this exemplary effort, Eritrea, unlike other nations has registered commendable results all by itself and against all odds.

This is such a remarkable feat. There’s also another resource of the Eritrean people that’s of a significant importance; i.e. political stability. Thanks to the unity and strong nationalism that were cultivated in the struggle for independence, the people of Eritrea have created a popular, just and stable political sys-tem. The people of Eritrea own a political stability that’s seldom found in other societies. As political stability and peace are the foundations for progress; the people of Eritrea and their devoted government have reached a milestone close to their bright future.


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