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National Unity- Miracle Performer Value

It has recently been found out that Eritreans living in every corner of the world have planned to flock back and visit their homeland on the occasion of Eritrea’s 20th Anniversary of Independence.

Our 20th Independence anniversary comes at a time in which the people of Eritrea have once again triumphed against all odds by successfully withstanding political and economic ploys and are bearing the fruits of their feat of perseverance. The fact that Eritrean expatriates and the greater Eritrean Diaspora community are planning to celebrate this 20th anniversary in the homeland is a timely decision. It is also to be recalled that back in the summer of 2010, Eritreans in the Diasporas have shown their solidarity with their government against the unjust resolution of the Security Council by flocking back to their country.

As it is known, one of the primary objectives of the Security Council’s resolution against Eritrea was to demonize the Government of Eritrea and its President; who stood firm in their opposition against external interferences in our region through the use of false accusations and thereby to isolate him and the government from its people. However, not only did this fail, but its outcome was not what those dreamers have expected, for they failed to consider the fact that the Eritrean people have got a history full of challenges that have made them fully experienced against such odds. Hence, they failed to realize that the collective consciousness transcends any hurdle set; and their unity strengthens with every outside conspiracy and ploy.

Even though it is possible to count many superior social values; the most important one is a value that instills a culture of unity and integrity. The culture and values of the Eritrean people are standing witnesses of the above fact. It is thanks to those values and hard work that the Eritrean people have now reached the bright horizon in which they are beginning to reap the results of their toil. Efforts should be made so that such important values are transferred to coming generation and also be institutionalized. It is a value that sectors of government, the Front and society should uphold. For this value is a miraculous value that reinforces our national unity; and a bridge to our economic independence.

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