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A Step That Remedies Direction

The principal foundation for social justice is ensuring equal access to economic and social resources for citizens. The objective of the people and Government of Eritrea is not to create a system in which few are beneficiaries while the majorities are downtrodden but to create an environment of equal access to all resources for everyone, and thereby enable them to lead better lives. Such a strategic plan for development that emanates from the common desire of the people and Government of Eritrea is laying firm groundwork for a just social justice. One of the charters enshrined in our national charter, and to which a massive investment has been made is equal access to healthcare. The fact that we’ve been able to provide and implement healthcare in urban and rural areas and the leap we’ve been able to register in that sector has accorded us applaud.

Commendable achievements such as Eritrea’s containment and successful reduction to malaria induced mortality, the provision of free rounds of vaccination for all infants and the reduction of post natal mortality rates of mothers are some of the vivid examples of our objectives in our bid to ensure social justice. Just like in other sectors of our national development, the Government of Eritrea has been enabling the private sector to actively engage in health care. But nonetheless, private healthcare has been limited to major cities, and especially Asmara. The services rendered by the private sector have been found to be substandard and only intent on making profit. On top of all this, its goals have been found to oppose the objectives of ensuring social justice.

For this reason, the remedying steps of the government to correct the previous unfair, unjust and discriminatory system of healthcare and institute a fair system of healthcare to which everyone has an equal rights of access are significant. The impact and ramifications of a privatized healthcare which has become profit-driven and commercialized has been witnessed in many countries of the world. Many private heath centers in nations of Africa have become engrossed in the accumulation of profit and thereby have missed their primary calling.

Health workers in those nations, instead of serving the society that played a major role in their training by providing their medical services and using their innovational skills and ingenuity to its service, were rather engaged in seeking profit. Such a situation is not the desire of the people and Government of Eritrea. Hence, in a time in which we’re laying groundwork for social justice, it is the duty of the government to orient and direct such endeavors whether they are private or governmental. As the vision of the people and Government of Eritrea can only be achieved by following such a correct principle.

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