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Dedication; For Judicious And Efficient Services

Change and progress in a given society is largely dependent on that given society’s wise utilization of its human and material resources. This, in turn is administered by good governance.

Judicious and efficient management is a product of effective organizational system. However, this is a long process, not something that could be accomplished overnight. As it is, societies live in this consistent cycle of improving and upgrading their organizational capacity and management. This process is not terminable. It is a continuous process and that’s one important factor in the process of change and progress.

Fostering a competent and efficient organizational system requires one to first respect the current systems. Because such a system requires a foundation; and hence, one should respect the current systems, but one should always need to remember that it is not a perfect system and constantly have to strive for improvement.

Truthfully, comparing the organizational system we put in place comparing to the corrupt and unjust systems rampant in many neighboring countries and in our region, even though, not resonant with what we aspire, ours is by far better. It is often said, “There’s always a room for change”. And many bureaucrats working in different sectors should grasp the fact that any mode of management at work isn’t perfect. They should always strive to be diligent and innovative in their respective occupation. As giving priority to the costumer and an equally accessible bureaucratic system is one of the major, tenets that can allow us introduce a progressive working culture.

Hence, public servants who are engaged in rendering services to the Eritrean population within and outside Eritrea should comprehend that their primary calling is to render fast, effective and efficient services to the costumers within legitimate bounds. They should also take time to evaluate their methods from time to time. They should introduce technological advancement and automate their services so that any costumer is content. It is their duty to introduce working methods that are straightforward and righteous, methods that give priority to the costumer. As constant improvement is an important guarantor in ones
bid to progress.


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