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Our Social Values: Foundations of Our Existence and Progress

A nation becomes successful and honored, not because of the amount of natural resources it owns, but rather if it possesses prized social values. The history of the Eritrean people attests to this fact. The Eritrean people with their limited capacity fared to forge an indomitable force and managed to triumph against a superpower. Our cherished values have enabled us to overcome numerous challenges and succeed against all odds.

The first school of those cherished values for Eritreans is their family. From the onset, Eritrean children are taught to respect their parents and elders; to harmoniously coexist with their neighbors; to love their nation and their people and to help their needy sides. And they start performing their social duties and taking responsibility from their youth. They offer their help whenever social occasions like weddings come. They go to wakes and offer their commiserations.

They meet with each other in different social and religious occasions, inquiring about the wellbeing of one another and further cementing their love for each other. In short, they pay as much attention to the status of others as theirs. The Eritrean culture, hence, abhors any form of individualism, does not tolerate abuse and exploitation, stands for truth and straightforwardness and honors justice. These are the foundations of our cherished values.

If a society is devoid of such values, its unity is in vain. Many societies had their own values. But these values were intently destructed by colonizers as they did not serve them. They instead substituted those values with individualist notions. Individualism hence, is a culture that has been intently cultivated by those forces. It is a display of an animalistic consciousness.

Today, those societies can not revive those values they were made to lose. In such a view, we Eritreans are lucky. Thanks to the fact that we’ve preserved our cherished social values in different religious and social occasions, we’re the proud owners of such a respected and high quality values.  As it is, we should strive to preserve the untainted social legacies in the name of progress. As they are today just like they were yesterday the guarantors of our existence and progress, our source of pride and honor.

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