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For History To Document History Accurately

Some analysts with a superficial knowledge of history, or perhaps some entities with a dutiful intention of distorting history are comparing the issue of South Sudan to that of Eritrea.
Clarifying history for the sake of being accurate; and further going through the legitimate process through which Eritrea has become sovereign is positively viewed. But nonetheless, we need to remember that Eritrea has long existed as a sovereign nation prior to its annexation by Ethiopia. And therefore, the Eritrean question has always been a question of colonialism, and its struggle was a struggle against the then prevailing state of injustice that has violated the rule of law. The question of Eritrea has never been a question for secession.

This campaign to distort such vivid historical fact by some pseudo-historians and comparing these unrelated issues, does not amount to much beyond being a futile effort to mislead and distort history.

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