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Improved Management System For Improved Services

Based on the principle that better academic performance is achieved through better managerial system, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with SMAP Institution of Training, Education and Consultancy gave training to 75 secondary school directors aimed at enhancing their managerial and leadership skills.

It may not be the only factor that influence students’ academic achievement, but advanced professional skill of school directors plays a decisive role in promoting students’ academic performance and rising school standards.

If a school is to make a difference in students performance, it is mainly dependent on the inputs it offered to the individual student. Schools and teachers’ proper management therefore takes a leading position in creating conducive learning-teaching atmosphere. Better performance of a school director leads to a better performance of teachers and subsequently to a better performance of the students’.

The training offered to a number of school directors would therefore ensure that all school principals are empowered with up-to-date managerial skills, which in turn would enable them to cope with the ever advancing pedagogical content as well to fully engage in exercising performance management to enhance schools standards.

Besides gaining better understanding of how schools are managed, the training would enable them to develop their personal skills, which would bring them new perspectives in their work.

Along with the continuously revised curricula and programs to upgrade pedagogical knowledge of teachers, principals as well ought to keep abreast with the ever changing science of education. Since education is a life long process, school directors are expected to be ahead of the school community in terms of managerial skills.

Efficient and integrated management system would without a doubt enable the directors to fully understand the pre-instruction, during and post instruction level of students’ knowledge and to asses teachers’ capacities of knowledge transfer and thereby strengthen strategies both for the teachers and the students as well.

Papers presented in the closing ceremony of the courses offered to the trainees have discussed about the role of directors in cultivating students as key performance indicators of schools. Taking in to account the impact of such trainings, the deliberations highlighted the significance of sharing experiences in educational management and leadership, with a special emphasis on linking Eritrean secondary schools with Warsay Yekealo senior secondary school.

The trainings given by SMAP include, organizing and managing school operations, work planning, communication, leading employees and developing effective school teams, among others.     

Also in the occasion the Minister of Education Mr. Semere Russom pointed out that enhancing teachers capacities alone wound not bring satisfactory outcome without providing the principals with necessary managerial skills. He went on to highlight that the timely and first of its kind training would play a vital role in creating viable teaching-learning process. The trainees on their part expressed their satisfaction with the delivered courses and stressed that such sessions should continue in an enhanced manner.


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