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Triumph! The HallmarkOf Eritrean Youth

Eritrean youngsters, who are been nurtured in a vibrant social life, have since childhood been exposed to various sports games. Soccer and cycling, particularly, are much favored sports games through which the Eritrean youngsters grow stronger, a fact which attests that sports is integral to the culture of Eritrean youth on top of unrelentingness and success through invincibility. Accordingly, Eritrean youth possess ingenuity, as well as superior physical, moral and technical fitness that would enable them champion in different sports tournaments.
In spite of such sports potentials, sports activities in Eritrea have been deprived for decades optimal ground due to colonialism and protracted struggle for independence. Thanks to the historical and cultural roots, nevertheless, sports activities were intensified in a short period of time in the wake of Eritrea’s independence, and hence, it did not take long for Eritrean youths to time and again emerge champion in a number of
international sports tournaments, especially, in athletics and cycling.

The successes Eritrean cyclists won in thousands of kilometers long African championship outside their homeland have crowned them African Continental Champions at individual and national level. Such exploits of Eritrean Youth have as much heralded the prospects of their potentials. In order that thousands of champions could be cultivated, creating an optimum environment where the potentials would be rejuvenated is imperative so as to uphold the torch.

Besides invigorating the fervent community life, sports events constitute the building blocs of culture that reinforce broad-based psychology and nationalism. Yet, in the course of transnational cultural exchange and interactions, sports is an event that promotes international recognition, thereby amplifying the identity of a given nation.

Needless to say that Eritrea is establishing the foundation of a civilized society, sport as a vital part of building up national culture demands serious attention. Realizing this fact, the Eritrean government has always been keen to make requisite investment, within the limits of its resources, to creating an encouraging atmosphere for sports events along with multiple other national priorities. Since the investment in sports is bound to existing economic growth, however, it is worth mentioning that the investment in sports would double alongside the successes registered in the national development programs and tangible prospects ahead. Therefore, owingto the achievements Eritrean youths have thus far registered with limited resources, it would not be too early to surmise that Eritrea will be through time among the internationally leading countries in sports championships when the economy thrives and investment in sports grows.

Felicitations to the Eritrean people!  Glory to the ever-champion Eritrean youth!

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