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Diplomacy Of Peace And Development

The domestic vision of the people and government of Eritrea is to build a nation in which peace, justice, development and intensive productivity prevail. To realize this vision, however, Eritrea’s present internal peace and harmony is not enough, the existence of stability at regional and international levels is also crucial. Emanating from this positive outlook, Eritrea’s foreign relations policies aim at promoting a partnership of mutual benefi t and progress both at regional and global level.

Peace and stability is not confi ned to borders only, it has regional and global impact. Hence, it’s the desire of the government and people of Eritrea to see all governments and peoples of the world create strong relationships among themselves by avoiding the bottlenecks for development and progress. Eritrea right from the beginning has been earnestly making positive diplomatic efforts to promote mutual economic progress and further strengthen the existing historical, political and cultural ties among the peoples of our region. Eritrea’s unyielding contribution towards achieving comprehensive political stability in our region has been accredited by all that it does not hold other agenda but emanates from its strong desire for peace and development.

The foreign policy of Eritrea is a policy of development and peace that benefi ts all development and peace loving people of our region and the world. This policy aimed towards harmony and cooperation
of peoples might not be welcome by those quarters who only want to secure their narrow interests by instigating division and confl icts. However, the ever-growing awareness and demand of the people of
our world for peace, social justice, equal opportunity and development will fi nally come out victorious.

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