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Partial Facts WikiLeaks Unveiled

The online group WikiLeaks has of late released a myriad of classified information including from leaked diplomatic cables. Realities of western hegemony WikiLeaks disclosed and the incendiary gimmick that followed push the vicious world order into broad daylight. In this era of information, it is evident that there exists no equitable access to information as is the case in political, socio-economic and cultural domains. Hegemonist forces, beyond cartelizing global resources in the rhetoric of free market, are operating under the guise of free press to monopolize the mass media corporations, and muffle those that disseminate realities. Such propensities are in place for superpowers to assume the rights to hegemony, monopoly, as well as impose hidden agendas.

The corporate media deemed to be the major sources of information are run by western companies and multinational corporations, thereby serving parochial interests of their owners. Even the rest media corporations established in the name of satellite states are employed as parroting tools of the corporate media. Amateurish and unethical media works of the western world, further than tarnishing the images of most peoples through breaching independent choices, have lived to safeguard the interests of handful tycoons of our planet. Obviously, establishing information gathering networks in every corner of the globe is hardly affordable.

Yet, sources of information of the reporters and correspondents across the globe are financed substantially by the western world. As a result, interest groups that have taken control of the corporate media have manipulated world outlook at whim. Furthermore, attempts resorted to instill dogmatic understanding of free press have not only created chaos in societies aloof of information, but also have significantly hampered the task to develop independent and responsible media. Since revenues of mass media largely rely on ads and promotions, burgeoning mass media are now engaged in activities that put their independence in jeopardy provided that they depend on the corporate media that have already cornered the market.

Mass media that question military, political and economic objectives of the superpowers face subtle and explicit but violent reactions. For this reason, these mass media are not in a position to disseminate facts as desired, due to the fact that they would be entangled in subtle traps of western intelligence agencies. As mentioned above, the efforts these actors make to inculcate their ideologies and culture in the minds of information-thirsty societies are intended to gain full control of information through impeding the endeavors to establish independent and responsible mass media. Societies that are being marginalized from information thus need to make the most of media works in a manner that keeps their independent political path, culture and identity intact.

Taking such state of affairs into account, they must stand against the prevailing global monopoly and injustice in a bid to set up independent and responsible media corporations. Accordingly, taking stock of the rhetoric of the western media espoused with sheer hypocrisy and the hidden agendas in disguise of free press is imperative. The task of nurturing responsible and independent mass media in sovereign Eritrea, therefore, stems in essence from such impartial conviction!

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