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Foam-Core Panel Construction System For Speedy Urbanization

Advanced and flexible system of building has been replacing the traditional ways of residential and industrial constructions. Fast growing urbanization has been calling for rapid implementation of infrastructural activities.  The introduction of panelized housing system is therefore a timely solution that would satisfy such growing residential and industrial construction demands. Bearing in mind the advantages of introducing such technologies in alleviating housing demands of the country, Ghedem Construction Company had introduced the rapid construction system in 2003.


Since the construction technology has diversified advantages of rapid execution of projects and cost effective benefits and tested durability, the Company has been putting in place different housing construction activities in many areas of the country.Foam-core panel construction system is now a widely practiced system of construction around the globe. During the seven years of its implementation in Eritrea, the company has been steadily been equipped with the necessary technological knowledge.

Through such technologies, it is possible to construct buildings of varied sizes and types. The National Confederation of Eritrean Workers branch office in Massawa, residential houses built in Tseserat administrative area in Asmara, buildings constructed in Sawa and constructions underway in Gahtelay among others are instances of the construction activities that have been conducted using foam-core panel construction system.Along with the expertise achieved so far, the construction company is making thorough preparations to engage in solving shortages of residential houses. Besides the current foam factory in Massawa, Mr. Mebrahtu Mael, manager of Ghedem construction pointed out that the construction company has laid the required preparations to establish another foam factory in the Gash Barka region.

According to construction experts, the foam-core panel walls are highly better than the traditional walls in many ways. The speed and ease of assembling the panels and rapid finishing of construction gives it great advantages. The high level of insulation enables the houses to become heat and cold resistant.  Since the trestle enclosed foam-core panels corresponded with proper installation make a tightly sealed house, it reduces air penetration. Taking in to consideration such advantages, its execution in Gahtelay and other semiarid areas becomes very beneficiary. Gahtelay- a town along the Asmara-Massawa road has now been extended using foam-core panel system in place of the traditional huts and barracks.

The Asmara-Massawa road is one of the best tourist destinations of the country.  Mr. Mebrahtu pointed out that parallel with Gahtely’s becoming of tourism center, the speedy advantage this foam-core construction offer would enable the area to rapidly grow to satisfy demands of service rendering institutions as well as recreational centers. The construction activities that have been stated would staidly continue to make that area a significant hub. Likewise, Mr. Kefleyohanes Fessehaye manager of Debay-Sima construction company,  indicating  varied infrastructural activities have been conducted in realizing  the  towns development process, he said that  the construction of the houses coupled with attractive landscape would add the area extra fascination.

An increasing number of houses built using the foam-core panels greatly contribute to rapid urbanization of rural areas and expansion of the already urbanized areas.  The construction can be carried out in two ways of single as well as double panel insulations. Pre-finished Industrial products optimize the assembling of sequences and there by the construction operations.

Mrs. Halima Abdela from Gahtelay, Said that through the implementation of the construction technologies the town has come to life.  Pointing out that the company is equipped with the necessary technological know-how of foam-core panel building system, Mr. Tesfayohaness, stated that the company has been engaged in operating in foam- core building activities and rendering varied trainings to transfer the expertise to its employees so as to conduct such construction activities in an enhanced manner.

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