Business is booming.

Equal Opportunities for Warranted Development

The mission contemporary Eritrean generation has embarked on could in a nutshell be articulated as laying down solid foundations for warranted economic development. To this end, the present-day generation that is entrusted to shoulder the responsibility to build the nation finds itself establishing the groundwork, which accommodates political, cultural and social dynamics.
The limited national resources that underpin strong aspiration and commitment should ultimately generate multiplier effects. Thanks to the all-round development drive, however, environmental destruction caused mainly by protracted war and drought has been to a certain degree redressed. The task of putting in place infrastructure facilities aimed at properly harnessing agricultural resources is now underway in many parts of the country in a bid to expand the capacity to conserve and impound water, as well as modernize traditional agriculture. Strenuous efforts have thus far proven promising agricultural yields.

Eritrea has paved the way to enable every corner of the nation establish market networks with the hinterland and overseas, thereby ensuring equitable provision of up to standard water supply, transportation and communication, as well as energy services. The country has also opened the door to international investment, trade and agricultural activities. Moreover, local and international enterprises focused on agriculture, mining and other industries are flourishing.

Tremendous strides have also been made with substantial investment to ensure equal access for every citizen to fundamental social services –including education and health services. The fact that Eritrea’s economy is growing evenly throughout the nation transpires the prospects ahead. Indeed, the Eritrean people inside and abroad paid huge sacrifice for independence so that the quality of life of contemporary and future generations would change for good. Guided by social justice and grand vision, Eritrea’s development strategy has thus managed to register impressive achievements through laying down strong foundations for the desired political and economic system. Guaranteeing the groundwork for just political system, therefore, ensures equitable economic and social opportunities.

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