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Consorted Endeavors: Values That Underpin Development Programs

Two essential resources, namely, natural and human resources are the most signifi cant elements in order for a society to ensure maximum socioeconomic security. Material assets comprise natural resources, whereas the ideas and endeavors that translate these assets into an invaluable capital constitute human resources.

The ultimate goal of the Eritrean people and government is to build a prosperous and stable nation, where material and spiritual needs of citizens could be fully satisfi ed through guaranteeing the highest level
of economy, academy, vocational capacity, as well as the provision of social services. This grand vision could not be realized overnight, but it is a colossal task that demands time frame, hard work and commitment.
Firm determination for self-reliance and the ingenuity to further one’s capacity, as well as active participation of citizens are the fundamental factors so as to meet the desired goal on top of collaborative efforts of
the people and government.

Thanks to the broad-based spirit of national unity, tremendous strides thus far made by the people and government of Eritrea are praise-meriting.The utmost gain of these consorted endeavors is that it reinforces human
resources and the commitment to work counting upon internal capacity. And hence, the synergic effect of the experience and knowledge acquired in expediting the journey ahead is not to be viewed lightly.

Pursuant to the all-round development package, as once again asserted in the Ministerial Cabinet meeting held this week, major national development programs for 2011 and beyond are mapped out with a view to further reinforcing, expanding and streamlining the projects undertaken to date. Accordingly, envisaged action plans–including beefi ng up food security projects; fully harnessing the country’s marine
resources, animal husbandry and wildlife; developing transportation networks, ports and corresponding infrastructures; facilitating housing projects; strengthening exploration and mining activities; refi ning the
competence of the education and health services; expanding energy and communications networks throughout the country; as well as upgrading the quality of public transportation services among others–are outlined
for 2011 and beyond.

Economic emancipation strategy the Eritrean government is pursuing transcends further than dealing with the existing challenges. In an effort to fulfi ll the aspiration of the people, therefore, the strategy essentially
upholds the principle to boost productivity through fostering work ethic, and thereby upgrading internal capacity in a manner that ensures economic reform. In keeping with the all-round development package,
the commitment being demonstrated by the Eritrean people inside and abroad is praiseworthy. As a result, it is quite evident that the entire nation shall entertain full emancipation and prosperity in the near future,
owing to the consorted endeavors being undertaken.


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