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Tourists Relish Eritrea’s Natural and Cultural Assets

A flourishing tourism depends on the endowment of natural and cultural heritages as well as most notably the prevalence of peace and stability. Owing to enthralling natural scenery and, various climatic conditions, which are suitable for tourists of varied interests and above all cordiality of its people, Eritrea becomes a preferable tourist destination. The ever- growing number of tourists from different corners of the globe attests to the unmatched experience the country has been offering.  Recently, a total of 23 Italian tourists visited the country as a group to experience the unique adventures Eritrea offers.

Usually, the lasting impression of their first visit prompts visiting tourists to revisit the country time and again. Mr. Giorgio Ricchi, who visited Eritrea for the fourth time expressed admiration as regards the prevalence of peace and stability, which enabled him to freely enjoy his stay in the country. Asmara’s cleanness, which he called unmatched in any other country in the African continent coupled with the country’s rich cultural heritage made him express deep appreciation.

The visiting tourists altogether cherish on their minds common feelings and experiences. Pointing out she personally witnessed the country’s peace and stability, Dr. Guadalupe Capizza, who visited Eritrea for the third time said that the Eritrean people own unique and noble values as well as rich culture.

Also among the Italian visitors, Ms. Maria Leone explained that she observed and learned a lot through the chances she got to meet and develop friendship with senior citizens and was thus greatly fascinated by the country’s cultural diversity. Likewise, Dr. Rafick Mangryan said that he went shopping for gifts and started to feel nostalgic about Asmara as the time to leave for Italy is nearing.

Up on observing the relics and ancient architectural styles Dr. Riccardo Moschuetti, who visited the country for the first time said that he was impressed by such sites as well as the ever-smiling, cooperative and hospitable people.  In Eritrea he said: “Every body could freely walk at any time without fear of any kind.”

The group of Italian tourists who visited different parts of the country such as Asmara, Keren, Massawa, as well as Segeneiti and its environs said Eritrea’s weather is attractive to every visitor and especially to Europeans. Mr. Gabriele Giorgio and Ms. Maria Rosario Angelian as well as Dr. Riccardo expressing appreciation to the hard working nature of the Eritrean people pointed out that they would talk about Eritrea’s unique assets when they go home.

Besides the aforementioned qualities Eritrea has to offer, many visiting tourists usually come to Eritrea to see and travel through the century old steam locomotive, to enjoy the marine resources and to spend considerable length of time in the yet unpolluted long costal area.

Eritrea is therefore a preferable destination for researchers such as environmentalists, archeologists, marine scientists and others to uncover the exciting heritages that have not yet explored.

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