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New Year’s Eve Concert At Bahti Meskerem Square

Preparations to celebrate the arrival of New Year begins ahead to welcome the coming year with jubilant spirit wishing it would be a better one. It is a time for personal resolution for many for a change and fresh start. New Year is a festivity of bidding farewell to the ending year and marking the new one with sweet memories on the eve. In this connection, a large musical performance is scheduled to be held at Bahti Meskerem, Asmara for the first time on the eve of New Year. The concert, which will begin at 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. would be transmitted live via ERI-TV.  One of the members of the Coordinating Committee of the New Year Concert, Mr. Oqubai Berhe conducted an interview regarding the preparations. Excerpts follow:

Let’s start with the general aim of the New Year Eve Concert?

The plan is to create an atmosphere where everyone could celebrate in unity and be entertained with the national artists. Different cultural shows comprising of modern and traditional songs accompanied with dances as well as short musical dramas, among others would be performed in away that reflects the rich diversity of the people of Eritrea. Moreover, short programs that convey significant message to the public would be presented. About 40 singers and 11 musicians and other artists are selected to perform in the concert.

Tell us how the preparations are underway?

Almost all the preparations of the concert, which is being organized by the National Holiday Coordinating Committee, have been finalized.  Singers have already began practicing before two months for live music performance. We are also making arrangements with several service-rendering institutions to accommodate food and drinks at fixed price, along with transport service. We are trying to provide suitable accommodations for that the evening.

In what way would this concert be different?

About 14 service rendering institutions in addition to the ones already there are setting up their tents in the open air. The direction and arrangement of the stage would also be set towards the liberation avenue so as to allow the people outside Baht-Meskerm to be part of it. Besides, advertisement posters would be posted and campfires in every service rendering institution would be lighted to relieve the audience from the cold weather.

Who would be the participants?

The concert is free of charge and the participants would be anyone above 18 years old, and others could follow the program via ERI-TV. The names of singers would be soon broadcasted. Police forces would also be deployed for security purposes.

Any additional massage you would like to convey?

In concerts such as this one, people ought to take the prime responsibility for the success of the program. Thus, people’s full collaboration is vital in the event.

Thank You!


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