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Reality WikiLeaks Revealed

Hundreds of thousands of classified information the online group WikiLeaks leaked from secret diplomatic cables of the U.S. embassies has unveiled dumbfounding fact that rebukes the respective administration. The disclosure of these purportedly classified documents demonstrates that the information U.S. diplomatic corps and special envoys across the globe have been cabling categorizing as ‘confidential, secret and top-secret’ is by far the most embarrassing nonsense.


More surprisingly, the administration in Washington has been imposing unhinged verdicts counting upon the rumors gathered while wining and dining, from cabarets, as well as in the grapevine. That’s why, the U.S. administration has time and again been committing flagrant blunders, and history of the superpower U.S. recounts repeated embarrassment and faux pas.

Sadly, too, the mayhem and crises that rely on these embarrassing diatribes coupled with hegemonist propensities of the U.S. administration have culminated in the suffering and extermination of millions of lives on a planetary scale.

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