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Resolution 1907and Its Double Bluff

A year has already elapsed since the UN Security Council passed sanctions resolution at the behest of the U.S.Administration.

As mentioned right on time, the resolution adopted in Christmas Eve wasfounded upon shameful, preposterous and trivial charges of the U.S. to serve the following goals:

1.    To chastisethe Eritrean Government simply for challenging erroneous U.S. policies being pursued in Somalia and the entire Horn region,and thereby demonize with trifling chargesand false accusationsin a futile bid to divorce the leadership from its people;

2.    To punish and subdue the Eritrean people,who not only succeeded in registering impressive development achievements on the basis of hard work and dedication through avoiding economic dependency, but also reached a promising stage by ensuring peace and stability; all contrary to the aspirations of enemy quarters.


So now after a year, did the sanctions resolution attain the set target? The prevailing reality on the ground tellsthe truth, rather than the mere utterances on the part of the desperate quarters. Contrary to the daydream of the bankrupt cliques, the Eritrean people not only continues to keep intact its ranks but alsofurther reinforces its bond with the government.To the dismay and shock of anti-Eritrea forces, the Eritrean people echoed voice of strong denunciation in the wake of the adoption of the sanctions resolution.The reckless campaignwaged to demonize and defame the Eritrean government and its leadership equally ended in utter failure in isolating the government–well known for its popularity, work capability and tangible outcome–from the people. The sanctions resolution also failed in keeping hostage the Eritrean development drive.The Eritrean people is now in a position to register speedy economic growth and bring about radical change through dealing resolute rebuff to the punishment.In light of this fact, the Eritrean people has emerged victorious while at the same time the act of conspiracy is doomed.

The historic enemies of the Eritrean people are now expected to rectify their errors and calculations in the wake of the shameful failure.It is indisputable fact that the Eritrean people possesses a long and valuable political experience in which its maturity is beyond all the concocted ploys.The noble values of maintaining perseverance and emerging victorious without being frustrated in the face of any type of hostility and conspiracy constitute a well-experienced lifestyle of the Eritrean people. It is naive to expect the Eritrean people,who dealt a blowing defeat to military maneuvering, to be hindered by such meaningless acts of conspiracy.This is so,if attempts to bring Eritrea to turns were wasted yesterday, they are unfeasible today!

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