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The Establishment of People’s Liberation Forces and The Elimination Attempts (Part I)

The Correctional unit that was struggling to reform the liberation movement lost all grounds and opportunities due to the continuous elimination attempts on the members of the unit. Later on, this unit was transformed to the People’s Liberation Forces by officially being separated from ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front).

In addition to the fighters deported to Sudan from the fields, many hunted by the “Qeyada Al-Ama” and others that stood against the divisive policies of the ruling committee went in exile to Sudan. As a result, these fighters gathered in Sudan due to various reasons and began taking initiatives for uniting the fighters. Gradually the public began separating from the leadership of the ELF. Even though these devoted nationals decided to resume their struggle separately from the ELF, they had no weapons or other resources, since all the weapons and materials were under “Qeyada Al-Ama” in the fields and the higher committee in the Diaspora.

As previously mentioned “Qeyada Al-Ama” had assumed complete control of the liberation movement disregarding the higher committee in Diaspora. Edris Mohammed Adem and Edris Gelawdewos confident in their supporters in the “Qeyada Al-Ama” start supporting the leadership, while Osman Saleh Sabe deserted the leadership of “Qeyada Ama”. As a result Osman Saleh Sabe established a new leadership, “Amana Ama” in Jordan by gathering his supporters in the Eritrean Liberation Front; he even tried to assist the correctional movement functioning from Sudan.

The unit in Sudan began collaborating with Saleh Sabe’s new leadership to solve its own problems and in the months of March and April, 1970 members of the unit crossed over to Aden, Yemen. Later these fighters entered southern Denkalia and established the People’s Liberation Forces from 24/06 to 2/07, 1970 in a place called Suduh’ela. They also passed the following resolutions
•    This People’s Liberation Force should stand against the previous front  which is committing many atrocities and should work for the desires of the general public and fighters
•    To establish national unity, the force should abolish all kinds of religious and ethnic differences.
•    Raise the awareness of the public and the fighters through various campaigns.
•     Arm the public.
•    Disregard the leadership status of the higher committee and “Amana Ama” and view them only as partners.

During the meeting, they elected a committee of nine to rule the newly established liberation forces. The elected members of the committee were:  Ali Omeru, Mesfun Hagos, Measho Embaye, Mohammed Omer Addella(Abu Teyara), Al-Amin Mohammed Sied, Mehari Debessay, Omer Damr, Mohammed Osman Ahmed and Ali Mohammed Osman.


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