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Popular Force: The Greatest National Asset

The Eritrean people has managed in its long history to overcome wide-ranging political conspiracy and acts of hostility. And hence, the people did not demand further explanation, when historic enemy quarters recklessly imposed last December the vicious verdict in the name of the UN Security Council. “We shall resolutely rebuff!” was the immediate response that echoed voice of strong denunciation.

Core concept of the solid political culture nurtured during the days of the armed struggle constitutes politicizing, organizing and arming the masses. Politicization refers to the deep understanding of intents, state of affairs and challenges, whereas organization is the unity, which depends upon national consciousness. What comes next is arming, the best weapon that translates politicization and organization into tangible practice.The secret and yet the major asset of the Eritrean people is thus its consciousness, national unity, as well as all forms of arming.

Freedom fi ghters earned Eritrea’s independence with high consciousness, unity and strong psychological preparedness, albeit considered impossible by many. Even in the post-independence period, the aggression that encroached to trespass Eritrea’s sovereignty was foiled with one heart and voice. Now, the last-ditch effort of the intransigent enemy quarters against the Eritrean people is being thwarted by this impregnable force.The year 2010 has, therefore, been a period during which Eritrean nationals became actively engaged through strong national zeal to reverse the unjust and vicious sanctions resolution.

The national resolute rebuff the ever vanguard Eritrean Defense Force, as well as nationals inside and abroad demonstrated in their own ways was gratifying for the peace-loving, but frustrating for enemy quarters. This greatest national asset has once again overwhelmed enemy quarters with despair in the face of their miscalculations.Glory to the conscious and united Eritrean people!Long live the greatest national asset–our popular force!

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