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2011: The Threshold of a Prosperous Period

People have long been planning in advance and conducting assessments with every turn of the New Year as regards the programs undertaken, challenges encountered, progress accomplished and the prospects ahead. So at the time during which we are now entering on the New Year, it would be vital to look forward upon revisiting previous undertakings.

The year 2010 has been a period of all-round national resolute rebuff. Prevailing over the U.S.-engineered vicious sanctions resolution was the major national task when the UN Security Council passed the unjust resolution on the eve of the year 2010. Accordingly, to the dismay and shock of enemy quarters, nationals inside and abroad, as well as the Eritrean Defense Force have strongly denounced the unjust resolution with one voice, yet at the same time political, economic, social and diplomatic endeavors are intensified. Indeed, popular consciousness and organization has once more performed miracles in all aspects of the national resolute rebuff.

It is evident that the challenges Eritrea faced in the year 2010 is but a continuum of the manifold acts of conspiracy. In the face of unbearable challenges, Eritrean nationals have the past twelve years triumphed over external hostilities ranging from blatant invasion to subtle political and economic conspiracy. The Eritrean people has also scored remarkable development accomplishments through redoubled efforts and dedication with a view to ensuring economic emancipation, as well as creating an enabling environment in which nationals would reap the fruit of their labor and take due pride. Furthermore, impressive achievements that reinforce this progress have been registered in the year 2010 that we have now embarked on the threshold of a promising stage.

The journey up to this juncture has obviously demanded huge sacrifice and endurance. However, the fruition of our endurance was beyond price. We have above all safeguarded national security and respect of territorial integrity besides implementing strategic development programs that would bring about radical economic change. In this historic stage, the accomplishments of the national development drive thus far scored are the end result of the invincible spirit of the Eritrean people and government.

And hence, the year 2011 is not only the conclusion of an important chapter that performed miracles and development accomplishments with endurance and heavy sacrifice, but also is the transition or beginning of another period of which we would earn the fruit of our toil.

Happy New Year to the enduring and champion Eritrean people!

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