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Giving Gifts During The Holidays

The hectic movement of the people around shop is indicative of the time of the year. During the New Year and Christmas holiday week, every one walks around with a bundle on their arms, and seeing people going in and out of shops is more than common. All this hustle and bustle is for one purpose, to present a gift to a loved one on the New Year or Christmas Eve.  Nowadays the habit of exchanging presents seems to have changed meaning and purpose. It has become necessary to present a gift or at least a greeting card to loved ones and friends on these two occasions, regardless of the type of gift or greeting card.

What would you say the postcard you bought to your boss in a New Year eve has a writing that says “thinking of you”, or worse “to my loved one”.  What if the lingerie you bought to your girlfriend ended on your grand mother’s hands since you bought all your presents from the same shop and is rapped with the same paper. These kinds of mistakes happen all the time, people receive and give a number of weird presents during the holiday season. Majority of these incidents happen due to the rush to meet the deadline or from not knowing to whom you have to give your presents.  Beside the mistakes and misplacement of presents, there are people who do not give a second thought to the presents that they give.  Ashtray to a ‘non-smoker’ and a basketball jersey to a football fan, include some of the mishaps people commit when giving presents.


Looking at the history of gift exchange, it goes back to the times of the birth of Jesus Christ when the three wise men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newly born. Here we see that the three men bring gifts all the way to Bethlehem for the infant.  And during those times gold symbolized power and wealth, frankincense holiness and myrrh was used to be burned in churches only which in this case represented importance.

Although with the expansion of communication technologies and media advertisements, nowadays presents have transformed from simple meaningful things to big expensive gadgets.   I once remember a girl who gave the same present to her friends every New Year. She buys earrings for all her girl friends and wallets for her male friends. If you remained friends with this girl for three consecutive years despite all odds, you will get wallets that can last for the rest of your life in this world.  Why go through all this trouble, if I am indeed a friend can’t I give my friend a present whenever I see something that has meaning to him instead of waiting a whole year and give him unnecessary and God forbid a present that wasn’t meant for him or her. There are also others who don’t seem to understand the occasion in giving presents. They will give a novel to a newly weds or a personal training book for a birthday. The kind of present and to whom you give it is supposed to add essence to the celebration not to cause you a hard time in purchasing presents.

After all, Christmas is not all about the tree, the shopping, the presents and the food,  it is a holiday where we needed to be there for our loved ones and those who are in need. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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