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Our New Year Pledge

The entire Eritrean people inside and abroad have welcomed the New Year 2011 with ecstatic and high spirits. What caused such state of euphoria is well evident. The Eritrean people have in the post-independence period made tremendous strides on laying the foundation for development, owing to their work ethic and commitment that rates national interest in the forefront.
This groundwork has in turn created an enabling environment that would redouble the journey ahead in an efficient manner. As work in itself is the major driving force, the Eritrean people has proven to be a tower of strength through reinforcing the self-reliance principle, as well as slaving away with unyielding work ethic. As a result of these endeavors, the outcome of the huge investments and development projects that have been accomplished for the past many years was markedly reinvigorated in the year 2010. Accordingly, we have now climbed the ladder, whereupon we could descry the fruition of the substantial investment and endeavors.

The year 2011 is thus a period of redoubled endeavors and speedy progress by which we would intensify our development drive so as to fulfill the desired outcome in the near future. Indeed, the two vital factors for national development are: the productivity of citizens, as well as proper functioning of institutions. As such, having cherished the national culture that espouses hard-work and dedication through which we have now reached a promising stage, we need to brace ourselves to create an enabling work environment that impresses skillfulness and professionalism upon the youth, thereby streamlining managerial efficiency and institutional procedures. And hence, our solemn promise for this New Year ought to be harnessing and modernizing these essential elements by which we are now marching onwards via the avenue of development.

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