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Nothing But A Sheep/Goat For The Holidays

Whether it is a cultural or religious holiday just on the week before the event, a couple in my neighbor will have one of their most heated arguments in their married life. The argument is always the same, the husband claiming not to afford a sheep or goat to be slaughtered for the holiday and the wife refusing to accept anything else. This argument doesn’t end over night; it will continue for days and ends either when the husband provides what the wife asked for or when the holiday is finally over. On many occasions, the husband and wife end up spending their holidays in angry mood not talking to each other.

I know that this is not the case of my neighbors only; such a story is common in different parts of the country. Husbands complain of their wives’ nagging to bring an animal, while the women complain of the failure of the husbands in bringing the required animal. For majority of families the preferable animal is a sheep or goat, but when the man of the house fails to procure a sheep or goat due to various circumstances, things start to go wrong.  Having beef or any other kind of food on a holiday is out of the question. There are also some who go to the extent of considering the failure to slaughter an animal as a disgrace to the family.

During such occasions, there seems no compromise or understanding to man’s point of view or financial matters. It is a holiday and there should be an animal for slaughter, period. This is beside those who claim to include the criteria of the type and skin color of the animals for the occasion; and it is mostly the women who insist on such things. If the man cannot afford a sheep or a goat, and instead buys a chicken or beef, then there will not be a suitable atmosphere in celebrating a holiday in the house. On few occasions, the children also join the petulance of their mothers for not getting a sheep or a goat.

What makes me wonder is how a wife can forget the income of her husband in this particular day and tries to make him do something that he cannot afford or do things that they both are going to regret later. There are more than few occasions when the man is pushed to use his savings of the year or have an unnecessary expense just to placate the woman of the house. The wife who has been supporting the husband on every step of their life and was suggesting to have some saving for greater use seems to forget all about the plan when it comes to slaughtering an animal for a holiday. There are also the exceptions that seem determined not to slaughter a chicken or have a meat for holidays.

Why can’t we have a meal just like the other days in a holiday and spend the day in more memorable way or have what can go along with our financial situations? 

All the holiday rituals seem to be changing these days. They have become more demanding and are loosing their traditions because nowadays holidays are becoming the days where you spend more or have a lot more expense than other days. Wikipedia defines holiday as an official and non-official observance of religious, national or cultural significances often accompanied with festivals and celebrations.  If holidays are supposed to be accompanied with festivals often, why do we tend to spend our savings or have unnecessary expense during the occasions? Why ruin our holiday, when they are the times where we are supposed to have fun and make wonderful memories?


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