Business is booming.

Prospects Thriving through Unremitting Endeavors

Having relished consecutive feasts and holidays in high spirits, we are now in a stage during which we would brace ourselves to commence implementation of action programs for 2011. In order that contentment of the prospects the Eritrean people has been slaving away for over the past years would gain added momentum, Endeavors need be redoubled, popular participation in national development programs augmented, organizational capacity further strengthened, as well as work procedures should be streamlined.

It is well evident that the ever foremost mission of the Eritrean people and government is ensuring enormous economic growth, for it lays the groundwork for full emancipation. In this New Year, therefore, this assignment has to concentrate energies to create an enabling environment in which productivity in both private and public sectors would gain synergic effect, as well as Gross National Product–GNP–would prosper.

Past experience of the Eritrean people and that of others stands witness that the central component for increased productivity is not finances or corresponding resources but conscious, organized and active popular participation. Such outlook, however, could only come to light through organized broad political force and work ethic on top of quality management and efficient services. To this end, all public, private and administrative bodies should always be keen to boost productivity through furthering popular participation and organization, as well as to institute efficient work procedures that guarantee sense of responsibility in place of hypocrisy.

The Eritrean people has in its past experience witnessed international and regional strategies intended to not only hamper the development of nations and nationalities through inciting instability, but has also thwarted attempts resorted to victimize the country. Any development program that does not take the potentially incapacitating strategies into account could not bear the desired outcome. And hence, the Eritrean people should once again uphold the culture of dealing resolute rebuff to external hostilities, thereby emerging victorious against eminent challenges and fulfilling the grand vision.

Besides strengthening diplomatic and political activities, the year 2011 is thus a period in which the Eritrean people would redouble endeavors for all-round development and streamline work procedures. As our prospects do thrive with inexorable efforts, we shall accomplish the mission competently so that this year would become a bumper period for reward!

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