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2011: A Year of Grand National Celebrations

It is well known that the Eritrean people has been celebrating national Independence Day anniversaries over the past 19 years with evermore increasing enthusiasm and patriotic zeal. And here again, it is decided that 2011 would constitute Commemoration of 20 years Journey: Pride of Independence, in which special programs are arranged throughout the entire year so as to colorfully celebrate such a great event.

Two decades may amount to considerable years in the life cycle of certain individual, but is a transient period for any given nation. Eritrea is still a young nation. Thanks to its praise-meriting culture of hard work and self-reliance, however, the people of independent Eritrea has the past two decades employed every opportunity to advantage with added commitment. As was the case during the commencement of armed struggle, the people of independent Eritrea, merely armed with high hopes for prosperity and progress, embarked on development undertakings, thereby making a start from below zero in the course of the transitional stage. Based on the lessons drawn from the days of armed struggle, the Eritrean people had strong conviction that limitation of resources would not hamper from performing miracles. As our independence is not a grant but attained with tremendous sacrifice, it was not difficult for the Eritrean people to realize the key to development and prosperity provided that economic progress could only be achieved through dedicated endeavors.

Momentary challenges and pressures notwithstanding, the Eritrean people has for the past two decades toiled and moiled in harness in the face of all futile attempts to disown its independent political line and choice with a view to independently bringing about radical change. As a result, impressive development accomplishments that amplify the real meaning of independence have been scored. Having resolved the major bottlenecks, the Eritrean people, with promising prospects ahead, is now on the verge of vibrant celebrations of the 20th Independence Day anniversary.

Congratulations to the peace-loving Eritrean compatriots inside and abroad, as well as the Eritrean Defense Force!


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