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Homage To The Site Of Heroes Of Development

The Eritrean people paid heavy sacrifice for national independence so as to create an optimum environment in which the quality of life would be improved through building an independent nation, compatriots far and near would be beneficiaries of resources on equal footing, as well as future generations would relish a better life.

High hopes for change and development aside, Eritrea was poised to independently govern itself following the attainment of independence in 1991 through cradling in earnest the set out goal even from below zero. Thanks to the evermore dedicated commitment, especially that of the present-day young generation, we have managed to register impressive achievements at the national level in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Equitable distribution is the yardstick for evenhanded development. In compliance with the ultimate goal of social justice, equalization could only be guaranteed with the increasing dispensation of opportunities. To this end, the Eritrean government has been and is laying the groundwork for modern and just society through revitalizing rural development, thereby assigning high priority to the remotest corners.

The end result of such sound strategy is not to be measured by urbanization and multistory buildings; nonetheless, the benchmark is the radical change being accomplished throughout the country, and in particular in the remote areas. Hence, at any juncture where a certain quarter seeks to appreciate the accomplishments being scored throughout the nation, the remark need not reflect on the blueprint and urban areas, but it should take stock of the practical undertakings in every corner of the country.

Anyone interested can perceive the extensive undertakings being carried out through popular campaign and the noteworthy change thus far effected. To this end, modern machineries are employed; water harvesting structures being constructed, as well as agricultural infrastructure facilities are being put in place. Eritrean rural section stands witness more than ever that strategic road networks are now constructed and employment opportunity is on the rise. Newly constructed harbors and airports, agro-industrial plants, housing projects, colleges, referral hospitals and health centers and water supply stations are case in point.

The fact that electricity, transportation and communication networks being installed are making tremendous changes in the lives of the rural population is very gratifying. More interestingly, this is spearheaded by our national pride, an altruistic collective force that puts national interest ahead. Those are the real heroes of the ongoing development exploits and are the pride of our Nation. To witness the exploits of such sound development policies and the prospects ahead, therefore, one should pay homage to those areas in which the monumental miracles are being performed. Indeed then, we shall be proud of our objectives, satisfied with our feats and marvel at the commitment of our professionals. And hence, let us join arms for the national endeavors.


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