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National Symposia: 20 Years of Pride

The year 2011 would accommodate commemoration of 20 years of journey in which special programs are arranged so as to colorfully celebrate the national Independence Day anniversary. Accordingly,these special programs are organized throughout the entire year in a bid to vibrantly celebrate such a great event at the regional and national levels. The symposia due to be conducted as of mid February in all Ministries and Regional Administrations constitute an integral part of Independence Day celebrations.

Day one of Eritrea’s independence was the conclusion of a remarkable but historic chapter, yet at the same time the beginning of another new era. The immense task for the Eritrean people and government in the wake of independence was, therefore, building a just and modern society. As such, equal to the heavy sacrifi ces paid during the struggle for independence, the Eritrean people, in the face of covert and overt acts of hostility, has the past twenty years been working jointly and with strong commitment with a view to bringing about radical change,as well as building a civilized and prosperous nation of which nationals would take due pride.

How is the nation building process advancing? What are the attainments and prospects of the envisaged grand national vision? How substantive were the policies and strategies we have been pursuing to date? What accomplishments have we scored as yet? What strengths and shortcomings are identifi ed? On the occasion of the 20th Independence Day anniversary celebrations, thus, conducting sector by sector appraisal over the aforementioned questions is vital in terms of the colossal undertakings ahead.

What makes the well thought-out symposia distinct is that all Ministries and Regional Administrations will be conducting a thorough assessment on the two decades long journey of independent Eritrea. The objective of these symposia is to come up with genuine appreciation of reinforcing and reinvigorating expeditious national development drive, thereby inferring substantive undertakings to be implemented through effi cient strategies and action programs, and yet devoid of shortcomings. And hence, these symposia are expected to fulfi ll the desired outcome, provided that preparations by all concerned bodies are in full swing.

Congratulations to the peace-loving Eritrean compatriots inside and abroad, as well as the Eritrean Defense Force!


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