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Anseba regional Assembly holds 12th regular meeting

The Anseba regional Assembly held its 12th regular meeting in Keren town.

Keren, 31 January 2011 – The Anseba regional Assembly held its 12th regular meeting in Keren town.

The Chairperson of the Assembly, Ms. Asha Mahmoud, stated that the implementation of the master plan of Keren would facilitate the modernization of the town, and stressed the need for enhanced expansion of social services in remote areas.

Reports presented at the meeting indicated that major socio-economic and infrastructure programs were implemented in the region last year, and that commendable harvest was obtained as a result of good rainy season. It further pointed out that the Elabered Agro-Industry Plant was reactivated, in addition to the construction of micro-dams and water reservoirs, as well as embankments and terraces. More schools along with teachers’ residence have also been built in different parts of the region, the reports added. 

The regional Assembly adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations highlighting the need to  conduct study on the available agricultural resource in the region, promoting popular campaign, enhancing support to families of fallen heroes and the like.

In closing remarks, the Administrator of Anseba region, Mr. Gergis Girmai, explained that major programs are envisaged for implementation this year, including the expansion of irrigation farming along the banks of Anseba River and construction of micro-dams in Habero-Tsaeda, Karboroba and Balwa, as well as Laelai and Tahtai Gelet.


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