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Glory To The Emissaries Of Development

Although many factors could be cited as catalysts of societal progress, human resources is rated at the forefront. The quality of life is also determined by the extent of endeavors exerted and human productivity.In light of this fact, the nation is currently going through a demanding stage of hard work so as to create a conducive ground for raising productivity. Hence, the present-day young generation is mainly shouldered the responsibility of building the nation under this challenging stage. Needless to say, impressive development accomplishments have been scored in a short period in all sectors with limited resources, thanks to the commitment of the general public, especially the youth. The major success of the nation also rests on its capacity to uproot the culture of dependency on relief and aid handouts, while at the same time inculcating the habit of hard work and self-reliance. By the same token, tangible tasks have been and are being undertaken towards achieving food security. Remarkable progresses have been registered in expanding social services across the nation, which could serve as an example to other countries. Remote and urban areas of the nation are now interlinked via road networks, whereas transport, communications and electricity services have made tremendous strides.

As a result, favorable atmosphere has been created so as to encourage investment and promote economic growth, owing to the dedicated endeavors of nationals.Even though the key to success relies on ingenuity and commitment, the level of productivity in any given society varies primarily because of professionalism, means of production and technology. Professionalism, vocational inventiveness, as well as good command of technology and heavy machineries is the hallmark of the Eritrean people.

The history of the nation during the days of armed struggle stands witness that such ingenuity constituted a signifi cant component in the full realization of independence. Ingenuity and inventive feats of the contemporary generation manifestly feature the bridges, water harvesting structures, road networks and other superstructures and infrastructures being built through internal capacity.The history of present Eritrean generation is thus a history of dedicated hard work for raising productivity. Glory to the altruistic nationals throughout the country, who are working hard putting national interest ahead. Glory to the emissaries of development!

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