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Education: an Invaluable Resource of a Society

Reports indicate that the existing seven tertiary level colleges across the nation have managed to graduate more than 8,000 students IN degree, diploma and certificate over the past three years. The role these graduates could play in the national development program is not to be taken lightly.

Although the role of natural resources in the development of societies is an irrefutable fact, its impact is mainly bound to the human element. Any given society whose territory is endowed with oil, gold and other valuable mineral deposits can not achieve sustainable development undertakings devoid of knowledge and technology. The contrast between nations that have made tremendous strides in development with scant natural resources on the one hand, and countries with plentiful resources that have as yet failed to prevail over poverty and backwardness on the other attests to this point.

Taking the country’s experience of struggle for independence and those of others into account, the Eritrean government casts light on the human element as the greatest national asset, thereby according central position to the human factor. In line with this objective, substantial investment and strenuous efforts have been made the past 20 years with a view to upgrading the skills and knowledge of nationals, as well as expanding quality educational service throughout the country. The fundamental goal of this huge investment is to enable Eritrean youth aptly shape its future through equipping with invaluable resources, provided that nationals with good grounding in modern technology can in earnest expedite all-round national development drive.

Needless to say, the task of human development requires many years of hard work to bear the desired outcome. However, initial stages of the country’s development accomplishments are promising. The number of cities in which higher learning institutions are being situated, as well as the number of students graduating yearly from these academes is ever on the rise. The role of these colleges that are currently edifying the youths in various disciplines with academic and vocational expertise is not to be viewed lightly with respect to resolving the shortage of skilled manpower. As a result, the national development program alongside the raising productivity is now being reinforced with youths who possess the sought after knowledge and skills.

Education is an inalienable right to which every citizen is entitled, and thus constitutes a benchmark for human development. However, education in modern-day societies has become a burgeoning business owing to global high demand. The Eritrean government, nonetheless, has not only created a favorable environment for tuition-free education through earmarking substantial investment but also has covered the costs of basic necessities as national vision could solely be attained by education.

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