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A Glorious History that Bestowed Dignity

Operation Fenkil, which is one of the major heroic exploits demonstrated during the struggle for independence, is being commemorated for the 21st year in a colorful manner. Such anniversary celebrations symbolize a glorious national history that has few equals on a planetary scale. Accordingly, every Eritrean national commemorates the living legacy with deep sense of pride, provided a historic national dignity pertains to the respective posterity. National history is a reflection of dignity and value of any given society. Analytic perspectives do not of necessity put all nations on the same historical footing. Rather, the challenges encountered and the values gained in the effort to overcome them, as well as the heroic feats performed carry a wide-ranging weight. Historic exploits of the living and martyred Eritrean freedom fighters have crowned future Eritrean generations with glorious national history.

Thus, the dignified Eritrean people is by no means in a position to compromise respect of territorial integrity and leaves no room for leniency towards hostile propensities. Because of the country’s strategic geo-political significance and endowments, however, preponderant policies of the superpowers had machinated to render Eritrea’s nationhood null and void on the world map. Eritrea’s national spirit, nonetheless, proved the contrary. Dedicated commitment of Eritrean freedom fighters, whose altruism noted primacy of better life of future generations over individual favors, has against all odds managed to guarantee the very existence and sustainability of the nation.
This momentous national history espouses an Eritrean culture that is characterized by patriotic zeal, strong commitment, unparalleled determination, heroism and self-confidence. Hence, the aforesaid culture has at an international level made the value and dignity of Eritrean nationality to the top.

On the occasion of this commemorative event, it is worth mentioning that the nation’s development accomplishments in the avenue of civilization and prosperity could only be attained through sustaining the long cherished values. Commemorative events similar to Operation Fenkil are essentially meant to renew pledges to preserve glorious history. Glory to Eritrean heroes!

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