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Q&A With The Administrator Of The Port City of Massawa, Ms. Fana Tesfamariam

Ms. Fana Tesfamariam
The port city of Masswa is at present bracing itself to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the Fenkil Operation. Extensive preparations have been made to make the celebrations vibrant and to accommodate the large number of visitors. Shabait conducted an interview with the Administrator of the city, Ms. Fana Tesfamariam regarding all the preparations that have been finalized for the festivities. Excerpts follow:

Let’s begin with the preparations being made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Fenkil Operation?

The administration of the port city of Massawa is making the necessary preparations with the broad participation of the public. Schools and district administrations have been encouraged to organize themselves in adding color to the festivities. Companies and organizations in the region have also made the usual preparations.

Has there been any investment in promoting the infrastructure and neatness of the city in connection with the celebrations? 

Well, the infrastructure of the city is not dictated by the Fenkil celebrations alone, it is a development priority and is part of the daily responsibilities of the city’s administration. The construction of the protective walls along the coast is moving at a progressive pace. Planting tree seedlings in different parts of the city to promote greenery is also one of our development projects. Moreover, residents have been   organized in groups in maintaining the city’s neatness before and after the commemorative event.

Considering the massive number of  visitors during the occasion, what provisions have been made on the part of service rendering establishments?

Since Fenkil commemoration falls during the area’s climatically most agreeable season of the year, the number of visitors at this time is increasing every year. We should realize that shortcomings are inevitable in accommodating such number of visitors at one time. Still, service rendering institutions are provided with whatever  assistance they require and given specific regulations. The city administration together with the Ministry of Tourism also closely regulate the quality of the services provided by these establishments. More importantly, we work closely with the relevant bodies so as to secure sufficient supply of water and electricity.

What will be the administration’s role in the forthcoming exhibition in Massawa?

The port city of Massawa has in the past 20 years made a huge leap in infrastructural development as well as the provision of social services. The port was completely revamped, old roads were renovated and new ones constructed, extensive building complexes were constructed, another set of building complex is nearing completion, the cement and metal factories, construction of various schools, health centers, provision of the supply of potable water  and others include some of the large-scale development projects that were implemented in the city. Thus, we will present a pictorial exhibition of these development endeavors.

Any message you would like to convey?

As I have said before the number of visitors to the Fenkil celebrations is increasing every year. I would like to remind all the city’s residents to warmly welcome all visitors. The celebrations in communal tents should be particularly hospitable and open to all visitors. I would also like to remind the service rendering institutions to exercise responsibility in their activities. 

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