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President Isaias Afwerki’s Speech On The Occasion Of Operation Fenkil Anniversary

Ladies and Gentlemen
Invited Guests and Participants

I would first like to express my congratulations to the Eritrean people and friends on the occasion of the commemoration of the 21st anniversary of Operation Fenkil. I would also like to convey appreciation to all those who made due contribution in organizing this auspicious occasion. Although we have not yet managed to compensate the heroes and heroines of Operation Fenkil who laid down their dear lives, the annual commemoration of the great event in a colorful manner represents a special moment in which the nation takes due consolation and strength.

The port city not only paved the way for total liberation but would also become the hub of investment for national development, as well as regional and international trade and investment, thus symbolizing the mark of our pledge and progress. Although we  have accomplished a number of significant tasks in various sectors over the past 21 years, a lot still remains to be done as regards modernizing port facilities, establishing a viable economic zone with the required infrastructural facilities that meets modern standard. Besides, there is need for substantially upgrading the capacity of power plant, expanding road networks and railways in all directions, ensuring reliable potable water supply that keeps pace with growing demand, constructing modern and sufficient residential complexes and making available the necessary social service, among others. 

It is also to be noted that a lot still remains to be accomplished in the implementation of major programs in other regions and various sectors.  Theses long-term lofty objectives serve as the  yardstick towards adequately satisfying the needs and aspirations of the people. Hence, the commemoration of Operation Fenkil serves as a significant reminder to renew the pledge and commitment to this end. 

Ladies and Gentlemen

Fenkil occupies a special place in the history of Eritrean patriotism, and that the nation stands on higher ground for coping with future challenges as we have already acquired valuable experience and capacity over the past 21 years. In this juncture, let’s renew our resolve to keep vigilant and reinforce endeavors towards registering still more gratifying accomplishments.

Glory to the heroes and heroines of Operation Fenkil!
Glory to our Martyrs!
Victory to the Masses!


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