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Fenkil: The Popular Commemorative Event

21st anniversary of Operation Fenkil was as ever commemorated in a colorful manner with deep sense of pride, popular participation and patriotic spirit. The fact that commemorative event of Operation Fenkil has been memorialized on a yearly basis with such added fervor proves the reflection of a glorious history, thereby manifestly expressing honor to the fallen heroes of this operation and other events of historic exploits.

Following the miscarriage of justice on the right to self-determination, the Eritrean people managed to emerge victorious in the face of the mercantilist global strategy of the superpowers to which the western and eastern blocs had funneled substantial financial and military support so as to maintain colonial expansion. Consequently, the Eritrean people was compelled to wage unrivaled and yet bitter struggle for independence ultimately dealing a blowing defeat to the intricate global acts of conspiracy. The protracted war in which unequaled heroic feats of the Eritrean people were amply demonstrated necessitated every Eritrean family to pay all forms of sacrifices; thus, it is not unnatural to commemorate the event with exalted popular participation.

Deep-rooted in strong national sentiment and glorious history, it is imperative that such popular commemorative event would increasingly become vibrant every year. As President Isaias Afwerki keynoted in his speech, “Massawa, the port city that spurred Eritrea’s liberation, was not only the springboard towards full independence, but will also be the hub for investment in the national development program, provide the window for regional and international investment opportunities, as well as become the yardstick of our pledges and progress.” Indeed, at the time during which the 21st anniversary of Operation Fenkil is commemorated, the Eritrean people has as yet acquired a great deal of capacity and scored impressive development accomplishments. Glory to the entire Eritrean people and the defense force which is indebted as in the days of armed struggle to performing miracles in the task for economic emancipation!!


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