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Popular Uprising: Eve of the End of Era of Domination and Transition to New World Order (P.XI)

As previously mentioned, the US paralyzed Egypt through plunging into gross political and economic corruption. Besides, Washington resorted to a conspiracy of weakening the country’s defense capacity and the psychological readiness of the Egyptian armed forces.
Part XI

As previously mentioned, the US paralyzed Egypt through plunging into gross political and economic corruption. Besides, Washington resorted to a conspiracy of weakening the country’s defense capacity and the psychological readiness of the Egyptian armed forces.

Cooperation that paralyze Egypt’s military capacity

Egypt, under the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasir, was a country of military might that could compete with Israel that receives huge military assistance from the western countries. Apart from political factors, what enabled Egypt to become the leader of the Arab resistance against Israel was its high military capacity. As it maintained close relations with the socialist camp, Egypt at that time used to buy arms from the Soviet Union and other countries of the East. However, following the industrial revolution under Gamal’s leadership, the country began to produce various military hardware on the basis of internal capacity, which became an issue of major concern to both Israel and the US. It thus became Washington’s top priority to paralyze Egypt’s military capacity after putting it under its political domination.  

Following the signing of the Camp David agreement, Egypt was compelled to turn to the United States for military supplies to which Washington gave favorable response. Assuring that the US would provide the required military assistance, it compelled Egypt to stop its armaments development program.  Obviously, such a move was aimed making Egypt totally depend on the West in the military domain.

In the wake of Housni Mubarak’s assumption of power, the US administration pledged to enhance military assistance to Egypt so as to strengthen Cairo’s capacity to combat terrorism. It is a well known fact that aid is one of the ploys the western nations apply to paralyze the developing countries. Under Mubarak rule in particular, Egypt received immense military assistance from the USA to the tune of billions of dollars.  The country used to receive military assistance worth over 1.3 billion dollars annually from the US over the past 30 years. And this on top of the huge American economic subsidy towards mitigating so-called food shortage in Egypt. Washington’s assistance covers 80% of Egypt’s overall military budget.  The military assistance the country received from the US up to the year 2009 amounts to more than 60 billion dollars.

US military assistance to Egypt was not limited to armaments only; all military training programs were also interlinked with the Pentagon. Egypt’s Army officers receive training in American military colleges. In line with such military training, the political education offered to the officers emphasize the need for Egypt to maintain “regional peace” and that it is in Egypt’s interest to co-exist in peace with Israel. In a nutshell, the training is essentially designed to undermine Egyptian psychological preparedness for war. In this way, the US ultimately managed to tune Egypt’s military institution to its chosen agenda.

It is naïve to believe that Egypt would continue to get huge military assistance without paying a price. It is a must that Cairo would serve Washington’s interest in all aspects, especially in the political, military and security domains.  Is not surprising, therefore, that the US involves Egypt in all military alliances it forms, be it at the regional or international level. In return, it is a common practice for Egypt to fully comply with Washington’s order. It is to be recalled that Egypt stood alongside the US leading the Arab alliance during the military offensive to put an end to Sadam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990. Moreover, Egypt’s airspace remained open to American warplanes. According to military reports, a total of 36,553 American warplanes made flights through Egyptian airspace in the period 2001 to 2005. It also allowed to 861 US warships to pass through the Suez Canal at that time, in addition to guaranteeing their security. On the contrary, warships of those countries that oppose US policy like Iran are not allowed to pass through the Suez Canal. It is also known that Egypt has been deploying soldiers to different parts of the world upon orders from Washington. Furthermore, Cairo provided training to police members and diplomats of the new Iraqi government in 2004 in accordance with US directives. Still in other respects, Egypt sent military doctors to treat over 100,000 injured soldiers at the Bagram Military Camp in Afghanistan during the period 2003-2005 on orders from the US. What is even worse and disgracing is the fact that the Egyptian government connived with American and Israeli intelligence agencies to place the Gaza Strip under total embargo so as to prevent Palestinian organizations from obtaining military assistance and arms.       

Military and security cooperation among countries is often characterized with secrecy. And Egyptian military role outlined above is but a tip of the iceberg. Hence, it is quite clear that Egypt’s complicity in secrete US military operations and intelligence activities is immense.

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