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Meeting Of Regional Administrators Conducted

A meeting of regional administrators was conducted today at the Denden Hall.
Asmara, 10 March 2011- A meeting of regional administrators was conducted today at the Denden Hall.

In the meeting which focused on the development programs of 2011, the regional administrators made extensive presentations as regards promoting and preserving natural resources, crops as well as fruits and vegetables safety programs, and plans and activities underway to ensure animal resources in comparison with farmlands in use.

As regards the agricultural programs presentation that was based on the expected level of harvest and demand, an understanding was reached for further extensive work in soil and water conservation efforts since it is a critical factor for the efforts to ensure food security by boosting crops, fruits and vegetables cultivation as well as promoting animal resources.

In a briefing he gave at the meeting, President Isaias Afwerki underlined that food supply both for humans and animals cannot be secured without the conservation of soil and water. The President went on to point out that repairing water catchments would constitute a priority in the agricultural programs for the year 2011and emphasized that all the regions need to work on this endeavor as a permanent and at the same time progressive task.

Indicating that land structure needs to be changed in order to find water, President Isaias stated that water catchments would be completely and sustainably fixed through studied and scientific methods and called for more efforts in this case in the Southern, Central and Anseba regions.

Stating that although their effects can only be seen in the long run, President Isaias explained that forestation programs and enclosing of forest areas can play an important role in bringing about climatic changes and strengthening water sources. The President then reminded that similar efforts need to be exerted with goals that go beyond forestation.  

The meeting of regional administrators also seriously reviewed the deforestation activities that are spreading. Following in-depth discussions, it was concluded that controlling and regulatory systems need to be introduced and that each region needs to allocate to the task staff that would take full responsibility.

In a concluding statement, President Isaias pointed out the importance of presenting a consolidated picture of the individually presented reports since it is critical for evaluating strengths and shortcomings and making decisions. Each region needs to indentify its strong points so as to further strengthen it and export-oriented programs need to be drafted, the President stressed.

Pointing out the importance of the structure and organization of regional administrations in the ongoing development endeavors, President Isaias said that due consideration is being given to this issue.

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