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Management: Recipe For Organization And Development

In the contemporary world, the assignment of a state is not limited to the legislation and its execution, or even security and safeguarding national sovereignty. The task of mapping out and overseeing the implementation of development programs that facilitate socio-economic development, as well as the installation and expansion of social services are all the responsibilities of a state. That’s why governments set up administrative bodies and other institutions to that effect, and oversee their respective responsibilities.

Management is the recipe for an orderly way of life. And, harmony is the key to civilization. The history of civilization has proven that making headway is impractical devoid of a properly functioning government and institutions that are geared toward national development.


Needless to say, successive colonizers had instituted in Eritrea various organizational structures and work procedures that satisfy colonial aims. In the wake of independence, however, the government of Eritrea devised new administrative structure that centers on national unity, political democracy, social and economic development, social justice and cultural renaissance, and thus, set up six Regional Administrations with a view to translating the principal national vision and objectives into practice.

There are national and local primacies in any given society. The type of administration, its structure, responsibilities and assignments are crucial components to maintain the equilibrium between regional needs and national primacies for peaceful coexistence. Eritrea’s unitary administrative system is a dynamic one in that it shoulders Regional Administrations the onus to plan out people-oriented development programs.

In terms of responsibilities, ministries and other governmental institutions are in charge of drafting and overseeing policies, whereas Regional Administrations are the emissaries of development that implement national programs through harnessing human and territorial resources. Regional Administrations are duty-bound to take the lead in improving the quality of life of the people, ensuring quality social services, as well as to assume due administrative responsibilities in a manner that guarantees the development and well-being of the people.

On the occasion of the 20th Independence Day anniversary celebrations, these Regional Administrations, which have been blazing a trail toward national development, are now holding important symposiums so as to assess the endeavors made to ensure equitable development and social justice, and the outcomes registered thus far. Taking the ever increasing responsibilities into account, Regional Administrations are expected to shed light on plans outlined to further streamline efficiency and effectiveness, thereby objectively appraising past experiences and strengthening organizational capacity. Happy Independence Day to the peace-loving Eritrean people and the Defense Forces!

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