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TPLF’s Bogus Credo

In spite of vast natural endowments, Ethiopia, a country with the largest population and the second largest area in the Horn of Africa, has continued to stand witness to narrow political agenda, corrupt management and servitude, thereby dragging other nationalities into backwardness and poverty, as well as conflict and instability. Nations and nationalities of any given state would only create a united country through political, economic, social and cultural harmony. Over the past two decades, nevertheless, the regime in Addis Ababa has favored A PRECARIOUS DIVISIVE POLITICS in lieu of an enabling atmosphere for harmony and national unity so as to vertically polarize the Ethiopian people along tribal lines and maintain vested interest of the minority group.

Clinging to the stance that the assignment of dividing a nation would not be possible without the support of the superpowers, the TPLF has, for parochial interests of the clique, preferred to be subservient to external powers and lay national dignity on the line. Due to such state of affairs, Ethiopia’s cauldron of economy and politics has thus given rise to Bonapartism in the conflict-ridden country. The pent-up upheaval of the Ethiopian people in the wake of May 2005 election has but set the stage for an uprising against the politics stage-managed to serve parochial interests of the minority.

The massacre the TPLF then committed over innocent civilians still remains to be something the Ethiopian people has hard feelings about.

It is not too hard to surmise the ultimate impact of such a scenario. As an expression of the mounting resentment of the Ethiopian people over the regime at helm, manifest repugnance of the Tigrian people towards the TPLF clique is ever on the rise. And hence, the clique is now actively engaged in mass incarceration of what it refers to as descendants of other nationalities lest the strong popular uprising in North Africa and the Middle East might flare up in Ethiopia.

Consistent with the old saying ‘history repeats itself’, it would be no surprise TO WITNESS the CLIQUE recapitulating the credo of its predecessors. Fabricating lies of ‘threat to national security’ in an attempt to divert popular attention to the international arena is a worn-out trick played for time by all regimes that lack popular support. Needless to say, any regime is essentially doomed to downfall owing to internal factors. As a result of its duplicity and wrong policies, it would be inevitable for the TPLF clique to be engulfed in the cauldron of popular uprising.

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