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National Development Ministry’s Symposium underway in Massawa

The Symposium of the Ministry of National Development got underway in the port city of Massawa today.

Massawa, 2 April 2011 – The Symposium of the Ministry of National Development got underway in the port city of Massawa today.

In a paper he presented, the Minister of National Development, Dr. Gergis Teklemichael, pointed out that drawing up an integrated national development plan, monitoring and assessing plans, gathering statistical data and fostering international cooperation are among the main objectives of the Ministry. He further indicated that the production, distribution, consumption and saving of investment service are part of its activities.

Noting that the Ministry strives to secure foreign assistance on the basis of clear criteria, Dr. Gergis explained that improving the living standard of nationals in remote areas is among the priorities of the Ministry.

He elaborated that it also addresses the task of human resource development, division of labor, allocation and monitoring of resources, efficient deployment of investment and defining the policy pertaining to the role of  the private sector, among others.  Dr. Gergis underlined the significance of popular participation in the implementation of development programs.

As regards the policy for enhancing the role of the private sector, he said that Eritrea pursues  policy of mixed economy in which the state and private sector are complementary.

The Minister explained that the tasks of ensuring food security, construction of residential complexes for nationals of middle and low income are some of the current tasks aimed at meeting basic public demands. In this connection, he said that the symposium highlights the socio-economic accomplishments over the past 20 years since independence.

Also in a paper he presented at the symposium, Mr. Kidane Tsige, director general of community development in the Ministry, outlined the integrated endeavors made on the part of the Government and the general public towards ensuring social justice over the past 20 years.

He indicated that conducive ground has been laid in the rehabilitation of the agriculture and industrial sectors, putting in place of infrastructure facilities and reactivating service-rendering institutions, as well as strengthening institutional capacity. Mr. Kidane also stated that community rehabilitation programs and expansion of social service have been implemented with special emphasis to the remote areas.

To this end, he explained that about 170 projects at an expenditure of about USD 51million were implemented, while the expenses of 66 projects were covered from the fund secured for rehabilitation program to the tune of 75 million dollars.

Similarly, Mr. Ainom Berhane, Acting head of the Eritrean National Statistics Institution, stressed the significance of statistical data in formulating policies, and that the Government is giving due attention to this task.

The Symposium of the Ministry of National Development is scheduled to wind up tomorrow. 


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