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Ministry of National Development Symposium Concludes

The symposium of the Ministry of National Development that had been underway in the port city of Massawa concluded today.

Massawa, 3 April 2011- The symposium of the Ministry of National Development that had been underway in the port city of Massawa concluded today.
In a statement he made at the closing ceremony, the Minister of National Development, Dr. Giorgis Teklemichael expressed appreciation to all those who worked for the success of the symposium and said that all the study papers presented there had enabled the assessment of past and present tasks.


Indicating that 20 years was not that long considering the challenges at hand, the Minister underlined that commendable work has been accomplished in rehabilitating the lives of needy and displaced nationals. Tangible goals have also been scored that would enable the implementation of extensive development projects, he added.

Dr. Giorgis went on to point out that such meetings are important in assessing progress registered and ensuring the effectiveness of future programs.
In a study paper focusing on speedy nation building program he presented at the symposium, the Director General at the ministry, Mr. Gebremichael Mengistu explained that the objective of the program was to alleviate the massive socio-economic destruction, lay firm grounds for long-term development efforts and ease challenges arising from external aggressions and other problems.

Consequently a budget of more than 245 USD was allocated to promote agricultural production and infrastructure, rehabilitate the private sector and secure social welfare. The programs have hit the desired mark owing to the collaboration of the government and development partners, Mr. Gebremichael noted.

Pointing out that such programs go hand in hand with the  ongoing development endeavors as well as the efforts to achieve food security and eradicate illiteracy, Mr. Gebremichael explained that the collaboration of development partners is important for the implementation of projects and added that collective experience has enabled the success of the speedy nation building program.

In a study paper regarding saving and micro-credit program, Director General at the ministry, Mr. Kidane Tsige provided detailed background of the program in the country and its contributions and said that its main objective is to promote the private sector, expand small business and create grounds for individuals and organization to increase their income while contributing to the achievement of food security. Mr. Kidane also explained that nationals in remote areas who have no access to loans or funding from official organizations have particularly benefited from such schemes.
Mr. Kidane further disclosed that the program which had been initiated in 1996 had till the end of 2010 provided services to about 55, 000 customers through local banks. Our objective for the next five years is to create grounds for more active participation of beneficiaries, increase number of customers to more than 100,000, strengthen internal supervision and increase rate of returns to 95% and increase the size of credits, he added.

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