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Questions the Ethiopian People ought to Ask

It is to be noted that the TPLF clique has recently been issuing ceaseless and yet contradictory statements. To everyone’s surprise, the clique has been bewailing merely a lamentation of isolation. The lamentation, nevertheless, transcends beyond raising endless questions.

Why is the TPLF regime lately pronouncing schizophrenic discourses? What are the threats of its nightmares? Where do they stem from? What a horrendous terror and hallucination could it be? As a result of its schizophrenic anxiety, the TPLF clique has heightened mass incarceration of civilians. Could such wanton measures relieve the clique from its nightmares? How long can the Ethiopian people’s miseries of two-decade corrupt management be muzzled? What could the protests of Ethiopian nationals inside the country and abroad being organized for May give rise to? Does the TPLF clique have the resources and the capacity to crack the emerging popular uprising? Or, is the lamentation the last gasp of its despondency? How a regime, belligerent too all nations, could dare to win the hearts and minds of anyone? Under which calculation does the clique whose bloodthirsty measures entailed the lives of many innocent civilians expect to gain sympathy of the Ethiopian people?
As part of its frustrated discourses, the clique has also remarked on the most honorable Eritrean people. The clique, which committed acts of atrocity beyond the pale, as well as dig up cemeteries of fallen heroes unabashedly, has attempted to commiserate with the Eritrean people. Yet, this same clique that mired its own people into the quagmire of privation has failed in its latest lamentation to mask its envy towards Eritrea–a country which has proven to be the center of excellence in development and prosperity. Furthermore, the TPLF regime has announced that Eritrea’s thriving economy is the envy of its vicious program, which the clique aspires to lay in ruins.
The TPLF’s diatribes are endless. What a daunting shock could the fictitious gimmick be that involves Eritrea, Egypt and other nations? In pursuit of its aggressive posturing, the clique has once again made apprehensive announcement that it is poised to take action. The legality of its oxymoron aside, how can a regime put out of action in repeated missions of servitude to external forces retain the capabilities and willpower to carry out its spite? How possibly could a regime with dismal military forces, the least economic  growth in the world, a country that went amiss chastened by corruption, as well as a clique that espouses backward Bonapartism flinch an inch? After all the miscarriages and reverses across the globe, do the adventurous lords still have the capacity and commitment to sustain the aspirations of the clique?
These questions and the corresponding solutions amply demonstrate the existing state of affairs of the regime. A frustrated state of mind would always seek to gain nerve with void discourses. And hence, the party line of the clique is but a mere discourse of exasperation.


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