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“Fool Me Once Shame on Me, Fool Me Twice Shame on You”

Peoples and nations have sovereign rights and responsibilities to resolve respective matters on their own. External interference can not be a substitute for domestic solutions other than creating complications that sow the seeds for vicious circle. In the days leading up to the rush of some parties to intervene in internal state of affairs of Libya, the Government of Eritrea, arising from its longstanding firm stance on a number of regional and international matters, had already cast light on the illegality of the action and its aftermath. As such, the reckless action taken on impulse, beyond exacerbating the complications, has created chaos that further prolongs miseries of the people.

The UN, Arab League, OAU, NATO, as well as France–a country which was nudging the spurs to launch war–are now compelled to do an about-face taking into account that military action can not resolve Libya’s internal problem.
However, such a reality is not strangely coming to light. The international community has time and again committed same excesses. Needless to say, military interventions imposed on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Balkan states and so on have but culminated in appalling massacres and mayhem. At a time when there exist substantive experience and facts to weigh against, why are excesses being committed repeatedly, fulfilling the adage, “fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you”? Cognizant that prescribed remedies are of no benefit, is it not an infringement to make nations ground zero of unrest? Instead of trying to resolve problems genuinely and playing a constructive political and diplomatic role, on what grounds could interference in internal affairs of nations to foment and obfuscate conflicts through the use of force be justified? What is the real agenda behind such interventions? These are logical questions the international community need to contemplate with composure.

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