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Statement of the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia

Statement of the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia

The Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) makes the following statement for the information of all to whom it may concern.

Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia


The Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) makes the following statement for the information of all to whom it may concern.

Paradoxically, external actors’ vis-à-vis Somalia composed of various groups and/or organizations that allow themselves the liberty to determine the destiny of the Somali people continue experimenting tactics, which have repeatedly failed. Among the salient of the external actors, the EU in their group discussions, according to the Wiki leaks, vehemently confirmed the total failure of the so-called Somalia Federal Transitional Institutions (FTI), which are in any case alien to the Somali people except by the title, ‘Somali’, allotted to them.
As of such latest tactical experiment, the current UN Special Representatives for Somalia (UNSRSG) who manages the external actors’ experiments has called for a meeting termed as, “High Level Political Consultation on Somalia.”

It is hardly different from any of the failed previous meetings of the tactical experiments. All the Somali invitees to that meeting, the members of the so-called FTI and allied groups are on one side of the Somalia political divide with no any differences, whatsoever, to settle among themselves. And although ARS disapproves the proliferation of Somalia political groups as not being conducive to enhance the sacred causes of unity and nationhood, nonetheless, similar groups of stakeholders who are not allied with the FTIs have not been invited to that meeting. This exclusion obviously signifies that any group(s) with a contrary opinion to that being orchestrated by the external actors is classified as a spoiler(s) of their own national affairs.

A question that begs an answer is the continuous reference to the so-called Djibouti Agreement as a ‘relic’, since its outcome, the FTI, has dismally failed?
The ARS notes with dismay the external actors continuously co-opting Ethiopia, knowing that it strives for a perpetual instability in Somalia, as well as the Ethiopian dominated IGAD.
As explicit from its “Concept Note”, (Para. 2) the main purpose of that meeting is to rescalate the war rather that seeks a peace resolution, but also contradicts both the letter and spirit of the recent Wilson Park, U.K. held consultative agreement that all groups in Somalia should be engaged.

The ARS considers the holding of that meeting a mere orchestration of the tactical experiment without any intention to produce viable results to resolve the tragedy in Somalia.

The ARS reiterates its position that:
a)    Foreign occupation of the country must be ended.
b)    Immediately upon realization of (a) above, there should be a national congress by group representatives of all Somali communities, both inside the country and delegations from the Somali Diaspora, and without any exclusivity.
c)    The venue of the congress should be inside the country and to be a Somali owned.
d)    The congress should debate the destiny of the nation and produce proposed structures and recommendations for approval by the Somali people in a plebiscite.

Asmara, 14 April 2011

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