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Symposium of Southern Administrative region underway

The 2-day symposium of the Southern administrative Region, got underway in Medefera town town.

Mendefra, April 16, 2011- The 2-day symposium of the Southern administrative Region, got underway in Medefera town.
Speaking at the opening session, the Administrator of the Southern region, Mr. Mustafa Nurhusein, said that the major achievement registered on the part of the population in the region over the past 20 years lies in becoming self-reliant.
Pointing out that an investment amounting to 2.7 billion Nakfa has been made in the development of infrastructures and 2.2 billion Nakfa in agriculture, and that 73% of the population in the region have already become beneficiaries of reliable potable water supply and 75% of electricity service respectively.
An exhibition in which 14 production establishments and branch offices of ministries and associations are displaying their products and highlighting work accomplishments has also opened alongside the symposium.
In a paper he presented, Mr. Tedros Tecle, director of the Office of the regional Administrator, explained that significant achievements have been scored in the domains of land reallocation, resolving court cases, resettling nationals who used to live in upland sites and the rehabilitation war displaced citizens, as well as reinforcing the popular rebuff against enemy machinations and the putting in place of viable information system.

The paper outlined the action programs mapped out for the future which include making effective use of water stored in micro-dams for the purpose of obtaining harvest thrice a year, strengthening educational, health and communication services, in addition to the expansion of road and related activities.


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