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Playing with Fire under the Rubric of NGOs

A rogue at home with disorderliness is by no means in a position to take advantage of peace and security. It comes as no surprise, therefore, to see the rogues foment conflicts and uprisings through sustaining indigence and managing crisis. It is an undeniable fact that the main cause of popular uprisings that have transpired in a number of North African countries and the Middle East emanate from internal state of affairs–the privation and hardships of peoples. Nevertheless, handful minority groups that have monopolized global resources and dwarfed billions are primarily responsible for the adversities. At a time when all nations are seeking the termination of the era of hegemony and a new world order standing against brazen exploitation, these minority groups are yet on dangerous ground to secure the wherewithal of their domination. The notion is to play on peoples’ privation and problems they created so as to protect their monopoly through stirring up and igniting conflicts, as well as managing the subsequent crisis.

As the classified documents that leaked via different channels affirm, although actors which have been actively engaged in sponsoring, organizing and training to this effect are above all non-governmental organizations operating in the name of charitable agencies, human rights groups and research centers, the budget required to carry out their tasks is directly earmarked by governmental treasuries. An American non-governmental organization, so-called National Endowment for Democracy, has, for instance, been on a mission with an annual budget of $100 billion from the US Congress to incite turmoil in the Middle East. Those classified documents further revealed that State Department-sponsored International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, and Freedom House all allegedly non-governmental associations, and Project on Middle East Democracy, a Washington-based team supposedly established to conduct studies and researches, are some of the parastatals that largely embarked on financing the popular uprising in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as training the trailblazers through putting in place information technology.

Intellectuals and researchers interested in global development and prosperity have since long been elucidating that the fundamental objective of non-governmental organizations is but to incur retrograde civilization and poverty of other nations with a view to safeguarding exploitation and monopoly. In light of this fact, European and US non-governmental organizations that arrived in developing countries with the mission of “charity” were termed “messengers of neo-colonialism”. Indeed, if activities these organizations carried out over the past five decades were to be appraised objectively, the major goal would become public that it is tantamount to creating a breeding ground for monopoly and exploitation through hindering the progress of nations.

Those NGOs that are well-established by manipulating the naiveties of governments and peoples of many developing nations have in the long run managed to eventually emerged despots, thereby chastising the resourcefulness and responsibilities of governments. The handful interest groups in the US or other states, while officially upholding the governments at helm, are on the sly rallying protests by way of NGOs in order for a dumbfounding environment to prevail through fostering crisis. This play of skating on thin ice, however, will no doubt have them engulfed.

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