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If Intimidating the Eritrean People was Unfeasible Yesterday, So is of No Avail Today

To the detriment of EEBC’s ruling and respect of the rule of law and universal conventions, at the expense of Eritrea’s sovereign territory and the suffering of its people, as well as at the cost of regional stability, the US Administration has made a supreme effort to terrorize the Eritrean people in a bid to reverse the Boundary Commission Award through illegal and unwarranted acts of hostility and interventions. Covert and overt attempts resorted to thwart Eritrea’s development programs, implicit and explicit diplomatic campaigns of pressure, but particularly, the psychological warfare waged to undermine the willpower of the youth have all been dealt a blowing defeat, owing to the strong national unity and resolve of the Eritrean people. Having accomplished impressive development achievements and keeping its ranks intact, the Eritrean people, in such exigent stage, has not only secured peace and stability through prevailing over insurmountable challenges, but has also climbed the ladder upon which it could attain speedy economic growth and reform through cohesive national resolute rebuff and collaborative redoubled endeavors; all contrary to the expectations of enemy quarters.

At this juncture, it is to be recalled that the US Administration passed by way of its instrument–the UN Security Council–unjustified resolution in December 2009 in an attempt to hold back the country’s progress. Shattered by the impregnable determination of the Eritrean people, however, this resolution has been foiled. The Eritrean people did not pay much heed to the verdict as the objective of the sanctions resolution was to isolate the government from its own people, thereby tarnishing its image for challenging erroneous US policies arising from its firm stance. As such, it has not borne the desired outcome. The Eritrean people has not been divorced from its government as per the hostile efforts made to break the ranks; to the dismay of enemy quarters, nonetheless, it demonstrated unity with its government more than ever. And hence, the country’s development accomplishments have not been held hostage, but rather, the Eritrean people is getting to the top whereupon it could achieve expeditious economic growth and bring about radical change through redoubled endeavors.
Despite such desperate actions by historic enemies to impede Eritrea from becoming a good example, this industrious people, which is slaving away to perform development feats, has now embarked on stable platform getting ahead of those handout-dependent nations.

US intelligence agencies, aside from conducting reckless and ad hoc rifling in Eritrean Cultural Centers, offices of Eritrean Communities, gathering places of the National Resolute Rebuff Committees and Eritrean National Holidays Committee in the country, have of late been carrying out invective investigations as well as harassment on Eritreans. Defendants are innocent Eritrean nationals, and the charges are fervent nationalism and patriotic zeal towards the Government of Eritrea. US Federal Bureau of Investigation –FBI–or other western governments, with the blatant aim of intimidating nationals in the diaspora at the behest of the Administration in Washington, are currently rebuking Eritreans: “Why do you support your government? Why do you love your President? You should refrain from visiting your homeland and desist paying two percent tax. We recommend pondering the possibility of union with Ethiopia.” A humiliation caused by utter failure; humiliation that resulted in frustration; and, frustration that culminated in absurdity!

As practicality is a concrete life through which the well-experienced Eritrean people managed to overcome hostilities and acts of conspiracy, the response to such insanity once again is but pragmatism. Unconquered by heavy firepower, to think that this champion people could now be hindered through such flimsy acts of hostility is merely tantamount to naïveté. This is so, if intimidating the people and Government of Eritrea was unfeasible yesterday, it is the vanity of vanities today!

“… Eritrea, pride of the downtrodden,
That truth prevails, she has proven:
Eritrea, Eritrea,
Has achieved her rightful place in the world”;
is an anthem of resoluteness The Eritrean people sings for his nation!”

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