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Symposium Of Ministry Of Trade And Industry Concludes

The Symposium of the Ministry of Trade and Industry concluded today. Asmara, 22 April 2011 – The Symposium of the Ministry of Trade and Industry concluded today.

In a closing speech, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Estifanos Habte, pointed out that the symposium focused on the development of both sectors, the present status and future action programs served as a medium among the Government, producers and consumers. The Minister further expressed appreciation to the participants and those who presented research papers.

Mr. Estifanos indicated that the Government is taking concerted action to develop the trade and industry  sectors as both play vital role in strengthening the national economy and improving the people’s standard of living, To this end, wide-ranging programs are being implemented in coordination with the business community, he added. Various study papers were presented at the symposium focusing on the development of the industrial sector, handicraft activities, domestic and foreign business ventures, the Free Economic Zone and the Eritrean Standards Institution.

In the paper he presented regarding trade and industrial investment in the Eritrean Free Zone, the manager of the Eritrean Ports Authority, Dr. Araya Tsegai, outlined the progress of the Zone and its advantages. He pointed out that Eritrea’s decision to establish such a zones is both correct and strategic. Despite the fact that establishing free zone is a demanding and time-consuming task, it would eventually bring about vital development in the national economy once the  requisite infrastructure facilities are put in place, Dr. Araya elaborated.

He further noted that the Free Economic Zone would foster investment and foreign trade, and thereby reinforce the nation’s development drive.

Meanwhile, alongside the symposium, an exhibition depicting accomplishments in the past 20 years was staged in which 56 big and small industrial establishments, as well as the Eritrean Standards Institution and the Chamber of Commerce participated. The exhibition also featured endeavors to develop works of handicraft. 

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