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Symposium of Central Region Opens

Symposium of the Central region opened today in Asmara under the theme: “Eritrea: 20 Years of Dignity.” Asmara, May 10, 2011- Symposium of the Central region opened today in Asmara under the theme: “Eritrea: 20 Years of Dignity.”

In an opening speech, the regional Administrator, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, outlined the commendable active participation of the people in the implementation of multifaceted development and reconstruction programs, as well as reinforcing the integrated national rebuff.

He pointed out that over the past 20 years massive investment has been made in putting in place infrastructure facilities, expanding health, education, potable water supply and ensuring social security and agricultural development. As a result, members of the general public have become beneficiaries of basic social services, the Administrator elaborated.

Mr. Kahsai further noted that concerted action was taken to promote soil and water conservation activities, and that over 95% of the inhabitants now enjoys access to potable water.

Noting that the putting in place of service-rendering institutions has become a precondition for regrouping scattered villages and improving the people’s lifestyle, he highlighted the tangible achievements registered in expanding mobile and fixed phone service as well as transport service.

Mr. Kahsai further explained that future action plan of the region would focus on expanding potable water supply, construction and renovation of schools, construction of regional referral  hospital and health stations, construction of micro-dams and  water diversion schemes, as well as residential housing complexes, among others.

Alongside the symposium, an exhibition is being staged portraying the accomplishments registered in the region over the past 20 years in the domains of health, education, agriculture, infrastructure and others. The Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldemichael Gebremariam, opened the exhibition. Pictures and other materials are also on display depicting the customs and traditions, tourism attractions and economic ventures, among others.

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