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A peek at Sahle-Mesfro, Ancient Sites Worthvisiting

The two villages, which are located about 14km East of  Adi-Quala  not only are they known for their mutual names, but also they share land in which livestock of both villages graze on. They even shared the same church in the past, though at present they have their own churches.

One interested on visiting those places has to travel the 14 Km. dirt road from Adi-Quala on foot to reach to the villages. The route to the villages is characterized by a unique landscape.
At the end of the hill located at the entrance of the villages, one finds the river Called Mai Sagla. This river is surrounded by decades old trees, and has a natural underground water source which flows throughout the year.


Any one who got the chance to reach to the river will see that you can’t see the sky from the river due to the intertwined branches of the huge trees that surrounded the river. River Mai Sagla covers an area with a diameter of 200-300 meters .

The villages of Sahele-Mesafro are located at the top of the mountain chains located in the area. The villagers lead their lives through pastoralist agriculture as the area is endowed with  vast land masses suitable for  farming and animal grazing.

In the mountains surrounding the area, there’s a cave. The cave has a porch like entrance covered in limestone and beyond the entrance one comes across a deep hole. Legend has it that   once upon a time, two inhabitants of the village set out to explore the cave, taking a dog with them. But only the dog came back whilst they were never seen again.. Maybe it is because of this reason that the inhabitants of the area do not allow anyone to come close to the cave, for fears that they might not return.

This particular cave is located on a hill known as Kolalo. It is also referred to as the dwelling of Aba Drue. In this case as well, the villagers tell the story of one certain monk called Aba Drue, who settled in the cave after coming from Drko.  He was reputed to be very rich. There are certain indicators that point to the fact that someone used to live in the cave with his livestock to this date. For example, the entrance of the cave appears as if it has been widened. The rocks found outside look like they have been intentionally carved to prevent any one from entering.

There are large rocks found in the entrance of the village.   They came to be after forces of Emperor Haileslasie, dynamited the cave for fears that it might become a haven for bandits and liberation forces. 

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